Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I’ve been having a tough time lately reconciling the mundane “concerns” of my (family’s) life against the true trials and tribulations of life as a whole. I’ve wrestled with this dichotomy before, but it really struck me yesterday as I was trying to remedy the underarm stains of my husband’s dress shirts. I don’t mean to trivialize his problem. Really, I don’t. His appearance and presentation are direct representations of our business. The bottom line is this: the typical person judges man’s outward appearance. Period. If my husband doesn’t look his best, people may not want to do business with him. This is a sad but true fact.

As I was lamenting the best and most cost-effective way to treat the stains (which ironically occurred because the manufacturer felt the need to “improve” the antiperspirant formula) it really struck me that this absolutely has to be at the bottom of the “life’s most important things” list. There are people around the world and around the corner who are homeless, starving, dying, losing their homes, being exploited, victimized and abused—and we’re worried about underarm stains. Even writing this makes me sick to my stomach.

Where and how do we begin to make a difference? Some of you who are reading this know I’ve written in this vein before. This overwhelming feeling of inadequacy is not new to me. If anything, I’ve become even more aware of the disparate circumstances of humankind. I’ve read some great books as of late regarding our call as Christians to serve others so it’s fair to say the Holy Spirit is working within me, prompting me to get out and do something. I’ve been tossing some ideas around in my head—possible ways to raise monies to support causes near and dear to my heart. These are, of course, mostly causes that provide some manner of care for orphans.

I’ll keep you posted as to what transpires. As a matter of fact, be prepared because I just may come to you for support for a cause or two. Until then, I guess I will have to find a way to reconcile our family's simple yet abundant blessings— health, love, food, shelter, clothing, safety, freedom—to the poverty that truly isn’t that far removed from our lives.
Galations 6:2
Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

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me! said...

prayers for you in all this, god will use you! love and hugs!